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date source titre
06/10/2011 Deloitte Deloitte : Key challenges facing central banks: Adapting to a new era - 06/10/2011
06/10/2011 ESMA ESMA publishes the responses received to the Consultation on the Guidelines on systems and controls in a highly automated trading environment for trading platforms, investment firms and competent authorities [06/10]
05/10/2011 AGEFI Les emprunteurs européens devraient payer un lourd tribut à Bâle 3
04/10/2011 The Journal of Regulation - Newsletter n°24 - October 3rd 2011
30/09/2011 EBA The EBA has published today its Guidelines on Internal Governance
30/09/2011 BRI - Rapport : High-frequency trading in the foreign exchange market: new report from the Markets Committee
28/09/2011 BDF Le Bulletin de la Banque de France du 3ème trimestre 2011 vient de paraître
28/09/2011 BCE BCE : The Stability and Growth Pact - crisis and reform, by Ludger Schuknecht, Philippe Moutot, Philipp Rother and Jürgen Stark , September 2011
26/09/2011 Fondation Robert Schuman: La Lettre n°502
26/09/2011 Journal of Finance Journal of finance : Short-Selling Bans around the World: Evidence from the 2007-09 Crisis - Aout 2011
23/09/2011 SIFMA Volcker Rule Comment letter
23/09/2011 Paris Europlace PARIS EUROPLACE - Commission FIDUCIE - Fiches techniques
21/09/2011 CE Commission européenne - Comité bancaire européen : Info Letter Août 2011
21/09/2011 FMI FMI - Global Financial Stability Report : Grappling with Crisis Legacies - September 2011
21/09/2011 FFSA FFSA : Crise financière : quel impact pour les assurés ? - 07/09/2011
19/09/2011 Fondation Robert Schuman: La Lettre n°501
19/09/2011 ESMA ESMA - Consultation : ESMA issues first drafts of binding standards for credit rating agencies
15/09/2011 World Exchange : The art of Islamic finance - Aout 2011
14/09/2011 Moody's abaisse la note de la Société Générale et du Crédit Agricole
14/09/2011 ESMA ESMA published updated list of registered and certified credit rating agencies
12/09/2011 ACP ACP La Revue de l'Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel septembre-octobre 2011
12/09/2011 Rapport de la Commission Indépendante sur les banques - Rapport Vickers Version finale
07/09/2011 UE/EURO: la France valide le 2ème plan de sauvetage grec
02/09/2011 FED Federal Reserve Board announces a formal enforcement action against the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and Goldman Sachs Bank USA
02/09/2011 BCE Working paper : The price of liquidity: the effects of market conditions and bank characteristics, by Falko Fecht, Kjell G. Nyborg and Jörg Rocholl
01/09/2011 SEC SEC Seeks Public Comment on Use of Derivatives by Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies
01/09/2011 FSA FSA obtains High Court injunction to stop market manipulation
31/08/2011 FMI FMI - Working paper : Public Debt in Advanced Economies and its Spillover Effects on Long-term Yields
29/08/2011 EPEC L'EPEC met sur son site la version 2 du Guide to Guidance