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Roundtable - CRR3-CRD6: What is at stake in the trilogue?


As the EU enters in the final phase of implementation of the 2017 BCBS accord on the “finalization of Basel III”, this roundtable will provide an update on the positions of the co-legislators, at the beginning of the trilogue process. How has the Commission position evolved since its original legislative proposal in October 2021? What are the key stakes from the Council point of view, on the basis of its general approach agreed in November 2022? What are the priorities for the European Parliament, as reflected in the amendments approved in January 2023?

What will be the impact on the EU financial sector, its diverse business models, its competitiveness at international level and its capacity to finance the EU green and digital transitions?

How to best calibrate the banking package to implement faithfully international commitments, ensure financial stability, preserve risk sensitivity and enable efficient access to finance for the businesses and households, in a period of monetary tightening and unprecedented uncertainty?