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M. Pierre-Dominique RENARD

Head of Customer, Market & Infrastructure
LCH.Clearnet SA

Since 2014, Pierre-Dominique Renard has been appointed Chief of Staff at LCH.Clearnet. Pierre-Dominique is responsible for various European projects like EMIR, Recovery and Resolution, Target 2 Securities, Corporate actions standards, CSD Regulation, MIFID2, etc...). In 2013, Pierre-Dominique Renard was appointed Head of SA Repo & Exchanges at LCH.Clearnet, managing relationships with business partners (trading/matching platforms & Regulated Markets) and CSDs. Pierre-Dominique joined Société des Bourses Françaises - former Euronext Paris - in 1990, as Business and Risk Manager. In 2000 he was appointed special advisor to the CEO and participated in various projects linked to external initiatives - EU, market place projects, CSD projects such as Relit, RGV – as well as internal ones - Derivatives markets merger, CLEARING 21 roll out. He then joined Clearnet, as Head of Marketing and Communication and took thereafter other functions such as Head of Customer, Market & Infrastructure at LCH.Clearnet SA after the merger between LCH (the London Clearing House) and Clearnet. Pierre-Dominique is member of several market place forums, such as EACH (European Association of Clearing Houses), ICMA, ESMA, Post Trade Working Groups, AFTI (Association Française des professionnels des Titres) AMAFI (Association Française des Marchés Financiers), C3P (Comité de Planification des Projets de Place) and AFEI (the Association Française des Entreprises d’Investissements)

Pierre-Dominique RENARD