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M. Jean-Marc ISRAËL

Directeur division des statistiques monétaires & financières

Jean-Marc Israël is head of the Monetary and Financial Statistics Division at the ECB and is also the chair of the Working Group on Monetary and Financial Statistics which assists the ESCB Statistics Committee and deals with the preparation and monitoring of legal texts that apply in the whole euro area and monitor all relevant developments in the environment, data quality and analysis of a wide range of monetary and financial statistics. These statistics, among which on banking, insurance and other financials, support economic, monetary and financial stability analyses and policy making, and are in use for micro-prudential supervision purposes. Mr Israël also co-chairs the Working Group on Analytical Credit datasets to ensure the effective collection and dissemination of granular credit and credit risk data across the ESCB and with other stakeholders. He participates in, or chaired, various working groups and task forces like the BIS/Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) on credit risk transfers (report published in September 2009), or the Contact Group on Data between the ECB, European Systemic Risk Board and European Supervisory Authorities. Recently, he participated in the Task Force on European Reporting Framework. He co-authored two ECB Occasional Papers and articles in the IFC Bulletin.

Jean-Marc ISRAËL