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Journal of Financial Economics

Founded in 1987, the Revue d’économie financière (REF) publishes four issues a year.

 Its goals are:

- to be an instrument of dialogue between academics, researchers, and banking and finance professionals, and

- to contribute to spurring the discussion and studies essential for the cohesion of the financial and banking profession.

The REF takes up all topics that are relevant to financial economics in a broad sense: banking economics, corporate finance, market finance, financial history, monetary policy, and international finance.

 Issues of the REF are comprised of one or more subjects containing several articles and the heading “Various articles.”

Subjects that cover several articles are piloted by two people chosen by the editorial board for their expertise on the chosen topic. These two people devise the content of this section, contact authors, and oversee the scientific quality of the articles published.

Under the heading “Various articles” are published articles that have not been solicited and that have been accepted for publication. They must follow the editorial line of the review and respect commonly accepted scientific standards. Submissions are subject to double-blind peer reviews. Referees are selected by the review’s editors according to the subjects in question. The editors see to it that submissions are dealt with as quickly as possible and inform the authors about the process.

The world of finance is now largely international.  For this reason, the Révue d’économie financière makes a special effort to take up international topics and to encourage the growing participation of foreign authors. In the same way, whenever the topic lends itself to doing so, an English-language edition is published.

The Revue d’économie financière is present on the Persée portal, which is specialized in electronically publishing scientific reviews: go to REF on Persée.

Beginning in 2011, REF issues can be found on the human and social science portal go to REF on

Financing Dependency
February 2024
REF 152
Financing Dependency

Demographic ageing is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. In France, the number of people aged over 80 is rising, and is expected to increase by 88% between now and 2050. Longevity is good news, but with it comes the issue of dependency and loss of independence. The French Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) estimated that 2.5 million people were losing…

Financing Global Public Goods
November 2023
REF 151
Financing Global Public Goods

Over the last fifteen years, the world has experienced two major crises, the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 and the Covid-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, the growing awareness of the gravity and urgency of climate change, along with its adverse impacts on biodiversity and the environment at large, is thrusting the planet with an unprecedented “polycrisis”. This polycrisis highlights, on the one…

Financing SMEs: Current Situation and Prospects
July 2023
REF 150
Financing SMEs: Current Situation and Prospects

The COVID-19 crisis, the geopolitical crisis in Ukraine and inflation are all contributing to the profound upheaval of economies around the world. These shocks have had a considerable impact on all businesses, especially SMEs. Many of them have been forced to temporarily close or reduce their activities, have suffered from the rise in raw material and energy prices, have been confronted with…

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