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To the attention of the authors

Information for authors who wish to publish in the Revue d’économie financière


Articles submitted to the Revue d’économie financière must be original manuscripts that have not been previously published.

While a submitted manuscript is being edited, its authors commit to not submitting it to another review.

If it is possible that the manuscript may be subject to conflicts of interest, the editors must be informed of them when it is submitted. Sources of funding that made the writing of the article possible must be mentioned when this is the case.

Authors submitting an article to the review commit to clearly identifying co-authors if there are any, and to mentioning minor contributors.

Authors commit to giving up the rights to their article free of charge to the Révue d’économie financière. However, they themselves are authorized to distribute, non-commercially, all or part of their articles published by the review, under the condition that the publication in the review is clearly mentioned. Authors may not allow third parties to publish their articles commercially or for free without the explicit agreement of the editors.

The editors promise to keep confidential the articles that have been submitted to them, as well as the fact they have been submitted, the editorial process, its stages, and conclusions.

Articles that have been accepted are published within six months to one year from the date the author has received written notification.

The editors keep the authors informed of how the submission process evolves.



What form should the articles take?

The articles should be no longer than approximately 15 pages, including tables, graphs, bibliography, and appendix, or about 30,000 characters.

Econometric-type elements should be reduced to a minimum and, if possible, placed in the appendix.

It should not be possible to identify the author(s) from the manuscript (signature, references, bibliography, and so on).

The body of the article should be preceded by a summary of ten lines or so (around 1,000 characters) in French and English (the title should also be translated), and include JEL Classification Codes.

The article should end with notes numbered 1 to n and bibliographical references listed in alphabetical order.

Tables and graphs should be numbered and have titles and should be called out in the text. Their source should be specified.


How should the draft article be transmitted?

All draft articles should be sent by email to

The submission must contain the following items:

- a Word file of the manuscript that does not make it possible to identify the author(s) (signature, references, bibliography, and so on).

- a Word file specifying the names, titles, and contact information of all the authors (both email and postal addresses).

- for each graph, the Excel file that includes the data and the graphic representation.


How should the changes requested by the reviewers be made?

The revised versions, after the reviewers’ requests, should show the changes that have been made to the article (by using the “Track Changes” button), and should be sent to the editors along with a reply to the reviewers.